Are you an artist? Would you like your work to be displayed in an exhibition somewhere? If you said yes then now’s your chance!

There are three art galleries in Gaithersburg that are looking for art to fill their 2018-2019 exhibitions. Take a look below for the different galleries!

Big, Bold and Beautiful
Summer 2018
Gallery: The Activity Center at Bohrer Park
Curators: Mary Waldhorn and Andi Rosati
Looks for artwork that is “Big, Bold and Beautiful” in line, shape, color, form, or design. Pieces must be 30×40 or larger and not weigh over 50 lbs. The Activity Center at Bohrer Park with its spacious walls lends itself well to displaying larger works of art.

Emerging Artists
Winter 2018-2019
Gallery: The Activity Center at Bohrer Park
Juror: TBD
If you are between the ages of 16 and 30, you are invited to be in an “Emerging Artists” exhibit at the Activity Center at Bohrer Park. Exhibiting 2-dimensional art done in any medium. Jurors to be announced.

Interior Spaces
Winter 2018-2019
Gallery: Arts Barn
Curator: Mary Weiss-Waldhorn
What do “Interior Spaces” mean to you? Is it a glimpse down an alleyway, a beautiful/or not interior space, a private thought or moment, an adventure down a rabbit hole or a look into the hollow of a tree? Let this theme inspire you.

Black and White
Winter 2018
Gallery: Arts Barn
Juror: Jaree Donnelly
Exhibting drawings, paintings, photographs and sculpture in black, white or a combination of both. Jaree Donnelly is an artist-in-residence at the Arts Barn. She specializes in photography, painting and jewelry making.

Mixed Media
Fall 2018
Gallery: Arts Barn and Kentlands Mansion
Curator: Mary Weiss-Waldhorn
With mixed media, many wonderful things can happen. All images must incorporate more than one medium in the composition. This exhibit will be displayed in both the Arts Barn and the Kentlands Mansion. There is room for 80 pieces in this exhibit.

Spring 2019
Gallery: Arts Barn
Curator: Mary Weiss-Waldhorn
What does music mean to you? Art work should be a creative expression of performance, sound, instruments or instrumentation. Work can be representational or abstract. Maybe genre is the key, such as jazz, classical or hip hop. Revel in melody or cacophony! This show will be displayed in conjunction with the annual Young Artist Awards at the Arts Barn.

Spring – Summer 2019
Gallery: Arts Barn
Jurors: Mary Waldhorn and Claire Howard
Water, our source for life, is a great inspiration for art. How do you interpret this theme? All media is accepted. Claire Howard is an accomplished seascape and water painter who is part of the Countryside Artisans group in Upper Montgomery County, Maryland. Mary Weiss-Waldhorn is the art curator for the City of Gaithersburg.

Submissions are due by January 19, 2018 by 11:30 PM. Good Luck!

Click here for the application!