Butler’s Orchard is a working farm that you and your family can explore right in the heart of Germantown. They have seasonal events as well as year-round adventure ripe for the picking. Pun intended.

Strawberry Fields Forever at Butler’s Orchard.

Who doesn’t love fresh strawberries? The answer is no one. Everyone loves fresh strawberries and kids from preschool to third grade can enjoy one of the Strawberry Blossom Tours at Butler’s.

The tour includes a tractor-pulled ride through the fields where you get to see the strawberries in blossom, a trip to the pollination station, a visit with the barnyard buddies (Charlie the pig is mentioned. He sounds like a lot of fun.), educational enrichment about strawberries, and a strawberry plant for each person to take home.

Getting kids excited about agriculture and nature is a great way to spend some time over the summer!

These tours run from May 1st to May 11th Tuesday through Friday mornings.

The Farm Market Is Serving Up Springtime Fun!

If you love local produce, kitchen decor, and other kitsch, then the Farm Market is going to speak to you.

They sell all manner of local jams, honeys, pies, and plenty of fresh, local produce. They also have cookbooks and other homegrown recipes for you to pick up for fresh ideas.

Their bakeries offer a wide variety of pies for you to drool over. They also have freshly baked bread.

Take Advantage of the Various Events Throughout the Year!

They have a ton of events throughout the year, so don’t feel like you need to rush out there to enjoy Butler’s Orchard right this minute.

Bunnyland is an Easter-themed event that offers egg hunts, friendly animals, and plenty of family fun for everyone.

Last Call for Fall is usually a big to-do with a corn maze, visits to the pumpkin patch, and way more spooky, fall fun.

 The Pumpkin Festival

Celebrate all the fun of fall with their annual pumpkin festival. There will be pony rides, a pumpkin cannon, and an apple slingshot. Who doesn’t love flinging fruit?

Ready to Visit Butler’s Orchard?

If you head over to the farm, you might get to meet this handsome fella.