If you’re looking for a way to not only connect with your community, but also to express yourself, then the BlackRock Center for the Arts may meet your needs.

The BlackRock Center for the Arts has been around since the early 90’s and since then, they have been providing a wide variety of performances, exhibitions, and classes to the community.

This Friday, 6/1/2018, the 15th annual Crystal Gala will occur. This annual fundraiser is part of the reason that BlackRock can offer their services at such affordable rates, so head on out this weekend and support them if you can.

Now, if chamber music isn’t your gig, then don’t worry. Here’s a quick clip of a concert that Sister Sparrow did at the center a few weeks ago.

Arts centers like BlackRock may call to mind images of stuffy art galleries and too-quiet concert halls, but the truth is quite different. Check them out and who knows, you might find something new to fall in love with.