If you love your dog, then you probably want to take them everywhere. Not all restaurants can appreciate your beloved, furry friends, but the following are quite welcoming. This is your guide to dog-friendly restaurants in Germantown, Maryland. Let’s dive in!


Agrodolce is a restaurant in Germantown, MD that offers pizza, pasta, and plenty of other options including sandwiches and appetizers.

Their patio is very dog friendly and their staff is welcoming to furry friends. In addition to being dog-friendly in general, they also have a “Yappy” hour twice a week pm Tuesdays and Saturdays.

When you attend the “Yappy Hour”, you can take a photo of your pup having fun, post it to the instagram page, and your dog may have a donation made to a local rescue in his name.

Their flyer says that there will be “free treats and bottomless bowls of water for doggys and happy hour specials for humans”.

Java Works 

This breakfast and lunchtime spot offers five dog-friendly tables at their Germantown location. Along with awesome coffee, there are sandwiches, breakfast bites, soup, salad, and fresh fruit.

For a complete look at their menu, click here.

BGR The Burger Joint

If you’re looking for a spot to taste a specialty burger, then you’ve found it. BGR offers beef, turkey, chicken, and veggie burgers with complete customization options for toppings.

They also have a line of “masterpieces” that offer unique burger options such as the Korean BBQ Burger, the Ahi Tuna Burger, and the Wellington.

They also offer milkshakes if you have any room left after your meal.

Thankfully, you can invite your pup to the patio for a bite. However, you should know that table service isn’t available so your dog will need to be tired up when you go inside to order.

Tips for Dining with Dogs

So, now that you have a few ideas of where you can go, it’s time to set some ground rules before you sit down to eat.

  1. Make Sure Your Dog Wants to Go

Some dogs love hanging out in the world and some truly do not. Before you take your dog to a restaurant, get a feel for how they feel about hanging out in town first.

2. Make Sure Your Dog Can Handle The Excitement

This is similar to tip #1, but slightly different. You’ll need to make sure that your pup can handle being around other dogs, lots of strangers, and, of course, food.

Practicing eating a meal outside of a busy shopping center can help illuminate potential issues.

3. Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Have to Potty

Before you settle in for a meal, make sure your dog’s bladder is empty. Even dog-friendly establishments don’t want your pup peeing on their patio.

4. Bring Snacks and Comfort From Home

Unless you plan on ordering an entree for your dog, they might get peckish while you’re eating. Even if you do plan on ordering an entree, make sure that the restaurant is ok with that and that you have a bowl for your dog to eat from.

You can also bring a blanket or mat for your pup to lay on in case the atmosphere gets hectic.

5. Listen To Your Dog

Like all of us, dogs get tired and stressed. Even if your dog loves to go out on the town, you should continually check in with them to make sure everything is still kosher.

Your beloved pal will let you know when they’ve had enough and you need to respect that.