Germantown’s Earthoid Water Tank has stood for 40 years as a beacon of environmental stewardship and as a commitment to our love of the “blue marble” we call Earth.

Let’s learn more about this facinating structure, where it came from, and more.

The History of the Earthoid Water Tank

The Earthoid Water Tank was created back in 1978 to help support the growing demands of the community’s need for ample water supply and pressure. The tank stands at 100ft tall and is located on the Montgomery College campus at 20150 Observation Drive near to I-270.

It’s iconic paint job was decided by a vote among the students of the college at the time and was redone back in 2011. Though, at the time, there was talk of repainting it in another way such as a baseball, the old water tank is still painted like the Earth. When painted, the artist, Peter Freudenburg used a scale model of a globe pictured in the National Geographic.

In 1980, the water tank won the award for “Steel Tank of the Year” from the Steel Plate Fabricators Association.

Who is Peter Freudenberg?

Peter Freudenburg is a retired artist who worked in macro-art. Along with the Earhtoid Water Tank, he also painted the Peachoid Water Tower in Gaffney, South Carolina, pictured below.

The Peachoid Water Tower, though sometimes poked fun at, was heavily featured in the hit Netflix show, House of Cards. It holds about one million gallons of water and stands at an impressive 135ft. The water tower’s nicknames include “The Peach”, “Mr. Peach”, and “The Moon over Gaffney”. The peachoid structure is meant to show the world that South Carolina is the biggest peach producer in the South, even if Georgia is famous for its peaches.

Though Freudenburg has faded from the limelight, his work lives on around the country. For example, he is credited with the creation of the sculpture that sits in front of the Elliott Museum in Martin County, Florida called “Let Your Mind Soar.”

Other Interesting Water Towers and Tanks

There’s just something about macro-art that inspires awe in the hearts of mankind. Along with the Earthoid and the Peachoid tanks, there are many others of note. The magic 8-ball in Tipton, Missouri, for example.

We also love the giant Coffee Pot in Stanton, Iowa. This huge coffee pot even has its own little flame underneath it. The water tank holds about 800,000 cups of coffee, for those of you that were wondering. It was voted to be the strangest roadside attraction in the state of Iowa.