The rain currently rolling through Maryland is certainly a drag, but it’s also proving to be quite dangerous. Though it may feel like we’ve already had our fair share of the downpour, there’s a lot more rain to come.

According to, the only upcoming day without rain will be Sunday. Hopefully we’ll get a little more sun over the next week.

What’s Happening Around Town?

The rainfall in Germantown has been a hot topic among the residents. This twitter user saw the opportunity to catch a beautiful photo over the weekend.

However, more than the rain, people are talking about the sinkhole that opened as a result of the rain. Along with threats of flash flooding, a sink hole opened up on Father Hurley Boulevard. The sinkhole was measured to be about 25 ft deep. Another sinkhole also opened on Game Preserve Road.

Staying Safe in Germantown, Maryland

Rainfall might be good for farms, but it can be quite dangerous for the rest of us. Moving water, even if it’s only 1ft or less, can be enough to sweep a car away. As you travel over the next week, be careful.

Avoid areas near rivers and streams, as well as the following roads according to Germantown Pulse.

16500 block of Black Rock Road at Great Seneca Creek;

21000 block of Blunt Road between Germantown Road and Brink Road;

9900 Brink Road near the intersection with Wightman Road in Gaithersburg;

12000 block of Clopper Road at Great Seneca Creek in Germantown;

 21600 block of Davis Mill Road at Great Seneca Creek;

22100 block of Frederick Road at Little Seneca Creek in Germantown;

11200 block of Game Preserve Road;

15200 Hoyles Mill Road at Little Seneca Creek;

9800 block of Huntmaster Road at Great Seneca Creek;

26000 block of Long Corner Road at Scotts Branch in Damascus;

22300 block of New Cut Road at Little Seneca Creek in Clarksburg;

16800 block of Riffleford Road at Great Seneca Creek;

16000 block of Schaffer Road at Little Seneca Creek;

12000 block of Skylark Road at Little Seneca Creek in Clarksburg;

Ten Mile Creek Road in Clarksburg;

16100 block of West Baltimore Road at Bucklodge Branch in Boyds;

15300 West Old Baltimore Road at Ten Mile Creek in Boyds;

13800 West Baltimore Road at Little Seneca Creek in Boyds;

19100 block of White Ground Road in Boyds;

16700 block of White Store Road at the Seneca Creek Tributary near Bucklodge Road in Boyds.